An Unexpected Turn of Events

Sometimes things aren't exactly what you expect. It's fun (as a reader) to sometimes have things work out differently than you expect. It's also sometimes necessary when you're writing to do something a little differently than you planned. Then there are the times when my three-year-old son, with his great imagination, does things a little differently than I might expect:

We were playing outside and he grabbed a stick. "I'm going to cook a fire!" he said, which I assumed meant he was going to gather some more sticks and make a pretend campfire. Instead, he started pointing the stick in different directions like it was a magic wand making a ring of fire around him as he pointed and made a sound effect.

Then the next day he asked me to open the last of the bunny-shaped peeps from Easter. I did and he took two of them. I assumed that he had eaten them until I found them driving his firetruck a few hours later.