The Passage of Time

Remember, authors of books for very young children, the concept of time takes a while to understand! Many times picture books take place over the course of just one day or show activities without any importance of the day or when they happened, but sometimes it might be fun to play with a toddler's understanding of time.

Anthony gets that there's an order to when we'll do things when we discuss the plan for the day (e.g., go to the library, then the store, cook dinner, then Daddy will come home and we'll eat, then we'll brush our teeth and go to bed), but for things he's looking forward to for longer than a day, it can get confusing. For about a week or two before our last trip to my parents house, he kept telling me we were going on an airplane and tried to fit it into the plan for the day, as in: 

"Then we'll eat dinner and then we'll go on an airplane." 

"No, buddy, not today."

"Okay. Tomorrow we'll go to the library and then go on an airplane."

"Not tomorrow either..."

There was a similar conversation leading up to our latest camping trip.

"Daddy will come home and then we'll have a campfire."

"Soon, but not today..."